Other Investor Pathways

Other Investor Pathways

Canada offers a range of investment immigration avenues catering to international business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and self-employed individuals.


Given Canada’s favorable business environment in comparison to other countries, investing in Canada has emerged as a highly sought-after choice.


These investment options present foreign nationals and their families with opportunities to either expand existing businesses to Canada, invest in established Canadian enterprises, or establish new ventures. Importantly, such investments can pave the way for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.


For business professionals and investors aiming for permanent residence in Canada through investment, here are 12 programs that facilitate Canadian permanent residency.



Intra-Company Transfer


The Owner/Operator LMIA program, discontinued in 2021, finds an alternative in the Intra-Company Transfer Visa. Entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses in Canada can utilize the ICT Canada program. After one year, they may apply for permanent residence or assume a senior executive role with an LMIA-exempt work visa, thereby enabling them to apply for permanent residence. This pathway also extends open work and study permits to the applicant’s family.



C11 Entrepreneur Stream


The C11 Entrepreneur Stream is an International Mobility program for those interested in starting a new business or investing in an existing one in Canada. Successful applicants can apply for permanent residency after one year of business operation. The C11 work permit does not impose minimum investment requirements and typically has a two-year validity.



LMIA-Based Work Permits


Investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs can apply for LMIA-Based Work Permits to enter Canada and work as managers for their own or other Canadian companies. Permanent residence can be sought after two years of full-time employment, and there are no minimum investment requirements for this pathway.


BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category: For those starting or acquiring a business in British Columbia with a minimum investment of $200,000. BC PNP Regional Pilot Program: Geared towards businesses in small regional communities with a minimum investment of $100,000, making it a popular investment immigration program.

British Columbia-BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia offers two options for permanent residency through investment

Alberta Entrepreneur Immigration Programs

AAIP Rural Entrepreneur Stream: For those starting or acquiring a business in Alberta’s rural communities with a minimum investment of $100,000.

AAIP Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: Tailored for graduates from an Alberta college or university with a minimum investment of $50,000 or $100,000.

AAIP Farm Stream: For individuals with substantial farming experience looking to establish or purchase a farm in Alberta with a minimum investment of $500,000.

Ontario Entrepreneur Stream

A program offering opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to start, buy, and run a business in Ontario. The minimum investment required is $200,000 or $600,000

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Stream

SINP Entrepreneur Category: For those looking to buy or partner in a business in Saskatchewan with a minimum investment of $200,000 or $300,000.

SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: Tailored for graduates from a Saskatchewan college or university with no minimum investment requirement.

SINP Farm Owner and Operator Category: For those with previous farm ownership experience looking to establish or purchase a farm in Saskatchewan with a minimum investment of $150,000 or $300,000.

Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathways

MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway: For those aiming to buy or launch their own business in Manitoba with a minimum investment of $150,000 or $250,000.

MPNP Farm Investor Pathway: Designed for individuals with previous farm ownership experience intending to run a farm in a rural area of Manitoba with a minimum investment of $300,000.

New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

Geared towards individuals looking to start and operate a business in New Brunswick with a minimum investment of $150,000.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Programs

NSNP Entrepreneur Category: Tailored for experienced business owners or senior business managers looking to start or acquire a business in Nova Scotia with a minimum investment of $150,000.

NSNP International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: Designed for recent graduates of a Nova Scotian university or college who have established or acquired a Nova Scotia business and run it for at least a year.

PEI PNP Business Impact Category

PEI Work Permit stream: For those seeking to manage and invest in Prince Edward Island businesses with no minimum investment required.

Quebec Investor Programs

Quebec Entrepreneur Program: Tailored for those looking to start and run an innovative business in Quebec with varying eligibility requirements and minimum investments depending on the stream.

Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program: Geared towards individuals wanting to work for themselves and relocate to Quebec with a minimum investment of $25,000 or $50,000.

These programs collectively reflect Canada’s commitment to welcoming and facilitating the integration of international investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals into its vibrant economic landscape.

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