Things to keep in mind to begin your study abroad journey this summer in Canada. 

Abroad studies is often an exhilarating adventure for all, and it is a priceless opportunity to immerse oneself in an ocean of unknown cultures, languages and lifestyles. Learning a new language is one of the many advantages of studying abroad. Besides, pursuing abroad studies can enhance your academic and personal growth. Students’ academic pursuits get fulfilled through studying abroad as they push the boundaries of their knowledge. Abroad studies also provide students with a unique opportunity to gain new experiences and perspectives. One of the major highlights of abroad studies is that international students can choose from a wide range of courses and programs for abroad studies. 

Although many universities and colleges offer abroad studies programs, Canada is arguably the hottest destination for international students seeking higher education, especially during the summer. Having said that, for a buttery-smooth migration to Canada as a student this summer, keeping the following checklist would prove to be handy before embarking on the exciting new Canadian adventure.

  1. Identify the right program

Canada is a land of limitless opportunities. It is a known fact that many employers value the skills gained through abroad studies. The country offers something for everyone both academically and professionally. Being a student, the foremost task at your disposal is to research and choose the right program that best suits your academic and personal interests. The universities in Canada offer numerous courses that are diverse and rich in every way possible. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to be not overwhelmed by the plethora of choices, and select the program that aligns with your academic goals.

  1. Understand the Admission Process and Criteria

It’s equally important to have a thorough understanding about the admission criteria and requirements of the university before moving ahead with your application. In order to avoid last minute delays and any possible confusions, you need to ensure that you fulfil all the essential criteria, including language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, academic qualifications, and other prerequisites. Since education is a very important part of everyone’s life, utmost attention needs to be given at every stage of the application process. It’s also worth noting that the processing time of application might vary from university to university depending on multiple factors. Therefore, being aware of the various dimensions of overseas education will be a handy tool in your repertoire.

  1. Send Your Application Early

As easy as it sounds, students still make this mistake of sending their applications late to their desired university/college. In reality, the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting accepted into your program. It’s a well established fact that Canadian universities do offer only limited seats for overseas students. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance that applications are sent to the concerned educational institutions as early as possible so as to secure a seat for yourself. Being first not only helps you with a seat, it also gives you an early bird advantage in things like booking your flight ticket and accommodation. 

       4.Find Available Scholarship Programs

Abroad studies are not a cheap affair by any means, so grabbing financial assistance in the forms of scholarships can be a wonderful tool to take some load off your shoulders. These scholarships help big time to cover your tuition fees and living expenses.Many universities and colleges around the world offer scholarships and financial assistance to support abroad studies. Therefore, browsing through the university websites to narrow down the scholarship programs that suit your profile will be worth your time. Every scholarship might not suit you as a student, hence a careful scrutiny of the conditions associated with different financial aid schemes is required to narrow down the available options. 

     5. Grab Your Study Permit

It’s time to secure your study permit. International students who want to study in Canada need to obtain a study permit to study in the country. Make sure to apply for a study permit as early as possible to avoid any delays in your arrival. While applying for the study permit for your education, all the documents pertaining the same need to be produced by following the guidelines. 

    6. Choose Your Accommodation 

As an international student with Canada plans, you should be researching accommodation facilities well in advance for better and convenient deals. Finding the right place to live while studying abroad is instrumental in leading a comfortable life in Canada without any hiccups. Discovering a place to stay in advance is a critical factor that can impact your academic performance and personal well-being. It can also help you grab affordable, safe, and convenient living arrangements that are comfortable and meet your needs. 

    7. Prepare for The Canadian Weather

Canada is typically associated with extremity when it comes to its climate with a winter season that is hard on immigrant communities from the Indian subcontinent. The country’s sheer size and northern regions do contribute to some of the coldest winters in the world. From the snow-covered landscapes to the sub-zero temperatures, the Canadian winter is a unique experience that requires you to prepare well without leaving any stones unturned. All these points do emphasize on the fact that adequate preparation is a prerequisite before boarding your flight to Canada. Therefore, make sure to pack accordingly. Bring warm clothing for the colder months, and lightweight clothing for the summer months. While the summer lets you showcase your style quotient, the winter is all about embracing what nature demands.

8. Take Advantage of Extracurricular Activities

Living in a foreign country which is on the other side of this giant planet could be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Abroad studies can help students develop language skills and increase their global competency. It is safe to believe that studying abroad is not just about being a student in a foreign university, it is also an opportunity to explore new cultures and make new friends.Truly, Abroad studies can also provide opportunities for internships, research, and travel. Canadian universities are often applauded for their focus on a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and cultural events. As studying abroad can lead to lifelong friendships and connections, make sure to take advantage of these activities to make the most of your study foreign experience. Canada being a boiling pot of world’s different cultures, studying in Canada is a lucrative proposition that one can hardly resist.

  9. Pack Your Gadgets

Technology has become such an integral part of our day-to-day life that smartphones  and laptops are like any other organ of the human body. You will need a laptop and a mobile to study in Canada and keep in touch with your friends and family. If you have gadgets bought from India, then please make sure it is compatible with Canadian outlets and voltages. If not sure, buying a few adapters to charge your devices will be a good idea. Additionally, you will also require a local SIM card and data plan that will save you from roaming charges.

10. Keep Your Emergency Contacts Handy with You

Your university might demand a list of emergency contacts from you for any possible emergency situations which might arise in the future. You can give one or two relatives or close friends from your home country to serve as your emergency contacts. In case you have an immediate family in Canada, their details will suffice for this need.

At the end of the day, flying abroad for education could bring a total makeover to your life and personality. It goes without saying that abroad studies can be a rewarding and enriching experience that lasts a lifetime. Abroad studies can also inspire students to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. We, at Lionsher, are always at your disposal in every step of the way. Home to a truly multicultural society, Canada is the epitome of globalization. With a diverse and well regarded education system that is often considered a trailblazer in the world’s education industry, Canada is the most sought after study abroad destination thanks to its excellent standard of living and affordable tuition fees. 

As abroad studies can challenge students to step outside their comfort zones and develop their independence, it indeed is an opportunity to explore the uncharted land. With meticulous planning and preparation, you will be well on your way to beginning your study abroad journey in Canada this summer. It’s as simple as identifying the right program, applying early, securing your accommodation, and preparing for the Canadian weather. 

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