Atlantic Immigration Program

Atlantic Immigration Program

As a component of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is specifically designed to alleviate labour shortages in the Canadian Atlantic provinces: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Further details about the AIP are provided below.

What is The Atlantic Immigration Program?

Launched initially in 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) has successfully welcomed over 10,000 new permanent residents to Atlantic Canada. Comprising New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, these four Canadian provinces collectively form Atlantic Canada.



Building on the achievements of the pilot, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was officially made permanent on December 17, 2021, and subsequently rebranded as the Atlantic Immigration Program. The newly established permanent program officially commenced on January 1, 2022.

The Atlantic Immigration Program is a specialized immigration initiative that enables employers in the Atlantic provinces of Canada to hire immigrants for various job opportunities. Moreover, individuals can also pursue permanent residence through this program.



Initially, the AIP had a total of three pathways for skilled workers and international students. These were – 

For Skilled WorkersAtlantic High-Skilled ProgramFor high-skilled workers with work experience at National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill type level 0, A, or B
Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled ProgramFor intermediate-skilled workers with work experience at NOC skill level C, obtained either overseas or within Canada.
For international student graduatesAtlantic International Graduate ProgramFor international students with a diploma or other related credentials from a public educational institution in Atlantic Canada.

As the pilot bilateral agreements expired, all the individual AIP pathways closed on December 31, 2021.

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Who can apply under Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Program?

To be able to apply under the AIP, you must – 

Do I have to be in Canada when applying for the AIP?

You can be either – 

Can I get Canadian permanent residence by AIP?

If eligible, you can take the AIP route to Canada PR and settle within any of the Canadian provinces that make up Atlantic Canada – 

You can immigrate to Atlantic Canada through the AIP if you are a skilled worker or an international student. 

Eligibility for the Atlantic Immigration Program

To be eligible for Canadian AIP, you must meet the following requirements – 

Work experience OR education in Atlantic Canada

Qualifying Work Experience
Worked at least 1,560 hours – 30 hours/week in a year – within the previous five years.

• Paid work
• Not self-employed
• Can be overseas or in Canada
• If in Canada, must have been legally authorized to work in Canada as a temporary resident
EducationMust be a graduate from any of the 24 recognized post-secondary institutions in Atlantic Canada
Educational Requirements

[Study from outside Canada will require an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), done within the previous five years]
For a job offer at NOC Skill Type 0 (management) or Skill Level A (professional) –

• Canadian one-year post-secondary educational credential or higher, or
• An equivalent in overseas education.
For a job offer at the NOC Skill Level B (technical) or Skill Level C (intermediate) –

• Canadian high school diploma, or
• An equivalent from outside Canada.

Language Requirements
The minimum language requirement will be as per the NOC category for your job offer –

• NOC Skill Type 0 (managerial): CLB5 / NCLC 5
• NOC Skill Level A (professional): CLB 5 / NCLC 5
• NOC Skill Level B (technical): CLB 5 / NCLC 5
• NOC Skill Level C (intermediate): CLB 4 / NCLC 4

Language tests accepted for the AIP –

(I) For English:
1. CELPIP-General
2. IELTS General Training

(II) For French
1. TEF Canada
2. TCF Canada

You must have the ability to show sufficient money towards financial support for yourself and your family when you settle in Canada.

The funds required will be as per the size of the family and will have to be shown even for family members who are not coming to Canada with you.

No funds to be shown if already working in Canada on a valid work permit.

Note. NOC: National Occupational Classification. CLB: Canadian Language Benchmarks. NCLC: Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens. CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. IELTS: International English Language Testing System. TEF: Test d’évaluation de français. TCF: Test de connaissance du français 

Do I need a job offer in Atlantic Canada for AIP?

If you meet the above eligibility requirements and are interested in immigrating to Canada through the AIP, the next step would be to look for a job with a designated employer in Atlantic Canada.

Who is exempted from the AIP work experience requirement?

You don’t have to meet the work experience requirement if you fulfil all of the following conditions.

You must be – 

Documentation for the Atlantic Immigration Program

The basic documents you will need are:

Additional documents:

Application Process for the Atlantic Immigration Program


Step 1: The candidate is connected to a settlement service provider by the employer. The provider conducts a needs assessment service to determine the settlement plan for the candidate and their family.

Step 2: The selected settlement plan is communicated to both the employer and the candidate.

Step 3: The employer completes the endorsement application, identifying a program that aligns with the employee’s work experience. The job offer and settlement plan are then submitted to the province.

Step 4: Marriage license (if needed)

Step 5: The application is submitted, and upon approval, the candidate and relevant individuals can relocate to Atlantic Canada.


Processing Time: How long does it take to get PR through AIP?

The processing time for AIP applications is 6 months. The applicant must submit the PR application within six months of receiving the endorsement certificate. Employers with immediate job vacancies can leverage a temporary work permit, allowing the skilled immigrant to commence work promptly while awaiting the application process.

Note: In the event of a delay in the Permanent Residency Visa, the applicant is granted a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) for a year.


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